How to learn and understand about stock market step by step

Stock Market Learning with Rohitashva Singhvi

SEBI, or Securities and Exchange Board of India, is the regulatory body for the securities market in India. Here are the steps you can follow to learn about SEBI guidelines:

  1. Visit the official website of SEBI at This website provides comprehensive information about SEBI guidelines, regulations, and circulars related to the securities market.
  2. Read the SEBI Act: The SEBI Act is the primary legislation that governs the securities market in India. Reading the SEBI Act will give you a good understanding of SEBI’s role and responsibilities.
  3. Learn about SEBI regulations: SEBI issues various regulations and guidelines related to the securities market, such as listing regulations, insider trading regulations, and mutual fund regulations. Visit the SEBI website to learn about the different regulations and guidelines issued by SEBI.
  4. Understand the compliance requirements: SEBI regulations require companies and market intermediaries to comply with various requirements such as disclosure requirements, reporting requirements, and corporate governance requirements. Learn about the compliance requirements and how they impact companies and market intermediaries.
  5. Attend SEBI training programs: SEBI conducts various training programs for market intermediaries, such as brokers, mutual fund distributors, and portfolio managers. Attend these training programs to learn about SEBI guidelines and regulations from experts.
  6. Read financial news publications: Financial news publications such as Economic Times, Business Standard, and Mint regularly report on SEBI guidelines and regulations. Read these publications to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.
  7. Consult with a financial advisor or legal expert: If you have specific questions or concerns about SEBI guidelines, consult with a financial advisor or legal expert who is well-versed in SEBI regulations.

In summary, to learn about SEBI guidelines, visit the SEBI website, read the SEBI Act, understand SEBI regulations, learn about compliance requirements, attend SEBI training programs, read financial news publications, and consult with a financial advisor or legal expert.

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