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In today’s blog we are going to learn how to add co- teachers and students in the google  classroom. Congrats on preparing a paperless classroom. Now your classroom is prepared, now let’s learn how to add co-teachers and students.


1.Go to gmail 

2. Click on nine dots and to classroom

3. Open your class and go to people and go to teachers click +sign (invite teachers)

4. Type Email ID and click on invite

5. Congrats your co teacher has been added.

 Your co teachers are added now you need to invite students. 

Step1 and step 2 are common.

Step3:  open your class and go to students click + sign( invite students)

4.type email id and click on invite

5. Student gets a mail and will click join  

Class invite



6. Congrats your student has been added.

In case if you don’t have email ID dont worry there is another way your student can be added.

You can copy the class code and whatsapp the same.

Steps: 1 and 2 are same

3: select your class and click on stream

4. On class card there is written class code press the square button( display) to expand it a code will appear.

5. Copy the code and whatsapp it .

6. Students will go to the classroom then click + sign to join class then paste the code below.

Congrats your student will join you. 

Images Credit Google & Created by Kamaishi Singhvi

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